2022 woodland works to begin

We will be carrying out further work to improve biodiversity in woodland at Wild Ken Hill from late January 2022.

The works come as part of our rewilding project. You may remember from a previous blog that we have co-designed a programme of works to make initial improvements to the Ken Hill with Natural England, involving some thinning and creating glades to create more structural diversity in the tree cover, hopefully leading to greater biodiversity.

These are initial interventions to kickstart natural processes and begin ecological restoration. In the future we expect to make fewer interventions as the woodland regenerates and is managed by natural grazing, i.e. moving to a more passive model in the “rewilding” spirit.

We performed similar work over the past two winters, already resulting in boosted natural regeneration in thinned areas of the woodland. We’ve also enjoyed the pleasant scene of ponies and sometimes cattle grazing in semi-open areas within the woodland.

This year the work will be taking place in the southern end of Ken Hill wood, including around the Ken Hill circular footpath that many residents of Snettisham use. This programme of thinning has been co-designed with Natural England, and also has approval from the Forestry Commission – both government agencies. If anyone has questions about the work, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]