Our Approach

We use rewilding, regenerative farming, and traditional conservation practices side-by-side in a unique, innovative approach


Regenerative Farming

We’re experts at regenerative farming, growing healthy food while fostering amazing farmland biodiversity and storing carbon in our soils



We’re letting nature take over on 25% of our site, with ponies, cattle, pigs and beavers managing the rich landscape for us


Traditional Conservation

We actively manage freshwater marshes, river valleys and woodlands, spending time and effort to create great habitat for rare species

Benefits to our stakeholders

At Wild Ken Hill, our motivation is to deliver benefits for those around us. From providing free visits for our local schools to helping the UK Government meet its biodiversity and climate change goals, Wild Ken Hill seeks to show land management can work for everyone.


Fighting climate change

We’re looking after our soils and woodland so that they can store carbon and fight against climate change


Boosting biodiversity

We’re delivering nature recovery through our unique approach and carefully recording the changes to demonstrate its success


Growing healthy food

Regenerative farming allows us to grow healthy food while investing in our soils to ensure long-term fertility and food security


Engaging people with nature

We’re making nature fun and inspiring through a mixture of free school visits, open days for our local residents, and guided tours and workshops

More about our approach

We’re committed to sharing our learnings and providing thought leadership when it comes to managing land. You can read much more about our unique approach in our Land Use Model publication, or you can contact us on [email protected] to arrange a bespoke tour to learn more about our approach


How to Find Us

Heacham Bottom Farm, Lynn Road, Snettisham, PE31 7PQ
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