Bioblitz - calling local residents!

At Wild Ken Hill, part of our mission is to reconnect people with nature and foster a deep appreciation for the remarkable but dwindling biodiversity that surrounds us. We believe that engaging with the natural world is essential for our wellbeing and for the conservation of our precious ecosystems.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce the upcoming Biobltiz at Wild Ken Hill — an event that invites local people to become a part of our conservation efforts while uncovering the hidden wonders of Norfolk’s biodiversity.

Led by local naturalists and scientists, you will be taken in groups on a tour of Wild Ken Hill. On the tour, you’ll search and record all the different wildlife you can find. Each group will focus on a different category of species, such as birds, butterflies, or invertebrates.

The bioblitz is on Saturday 5th August. Tickets are just £5 and help to fund the event. Tickets can be booked through Eventbrite. Further booking details are below.

What is a Bioblitz?

A bioblitz is an intensive, short-term effort to survey and document the biodiversity within a specific area. It typically involves a group of scientists, naturalists, volunteers, and community members coming together to identify and record as many species as possible within a defined time frame.

During a bioblitz, participants explore various landcsapes to find and document plants, animals, fungi, and other organisms. The data collected during a bioblitz contributes to our understanding of local biodiversity. This can be used for research, conservation planning, and educational purposes.

Bioblitzes are often organised as community events with the goal of engaging people of all ages and backgrounds in celebration of nature. They provide opportunities for hands-on learning, citizen science participation, and promoting environmental stewardship. Bioblitzes can be conducted in various locations, including parks, nature reserves, school campuses, and even urban areas. They highlight the biodiversity that exists in our everyday surroundings.

Overall, bioblitzes are valuable initiatives that help raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity, foster scientific collaboration, and encourage public involvement in conservation efforts.

We’d like to thank the Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service (NBIS) for kindly sponsoring this event and enabling all this fantastic work to happen!

Event details

The day is split into a series of separate guided walks that look for different types of wildlife.

To attend, you must book onto an individual walk. Each walk lasts roughly 2 hours. For example, you can book onto the walk to search for and record birds at 9am, or butterflies at 2pm, or both!

Each walk is £5 pp and helps to fund the event. We are asking just for a small amount so we know those that book will come along on the day.

Booking is through Eventbrite. The link is here.

Due to the walking, the event is for individuals aged 12 and over.

Most walks are on foot on uneven ground. Moderate fitness, full-length trousers, and appropriate footwear are obligatory!

The majority of the excursions start from our farmyard. The postcode is PE31 7PQ and it can be accessed off Lamsey Lane, Heacham.