Gathering Sustainability

Sustainability is fundamental to us and is at the heart of the Wild Ken Hill project. Our land management techniques across 4,000 acres aim to directly address biodiversity and climate change crises by restoring ecosytems and sequestering carbon. We continue also to invest heavily in scaling up these approaches across the UK through dialogue with other land managers, policymakers, sector professionals, and the general public. 

Gathering’s programme of talks and debates, and artistic responses to the natural world, directly addresses the relationship between people and the environment and shines a light on some of the most critical issues of our times.

We recognise the need to mitigate the environmental impacts of creating a live festival.

All our food and drink suppliers are chosen due to their environmental credentials and focus on local, sustainable food. 

Water filling stations will be available on the site.

We aim to build some of the festival structures with our own timber. 

We will operate a comprehensive waste management system through which we seek to recycle the maximum amount of waste produced on site.

We encourage the use of bicycles and public buses from King’s Lynn train station. Heacham Bottom bus stop is right at the entrance to Wild Ken Hill.