Partnership with Rewilding Europe

Our rewilding project has joined the European Rewilding Network! This is the leading organisation in Europe that connects different rewilding projects. The network is run by Rewilding Europe.

Rewilding Europe kindly wrote an excellent piece on Wild Ken Hill. They said: “Aiming to inspire others farming land, the Wild Ken Hill rewilding initiative in eastern England is working to enhance wild nature, mitigate climate change and boost the local economy”. They have also added us as a member organisation on their website, with a great new member profile.

The network currently connects 50-60 different rewilding projects across Europe. Some of the most impressive and esteemed conservation projects in the continent, including stunning landscapes in the Danube Delta, Carpathian Mountains, and Swedish Lapland. Several other members are conducting keystone species reintroductions and projects with European Bison, Wolves, Lynx, and Bald Ibis.

We become the 9th member from the UK. Other members in the UK include several projects in the Scottish Highlands, Wild Ennerdale, Wicken Fen, and Knepp Wildland which holds the most similarities with our project at Wild Ken Hill. 

We are delighted and humbled to be joining this set of incredible projects. We are extremely excited about collaborating with these other projects and work towards the Network’s goal of creating large, rewilded landscapes across Europe.

Wild Ken Hill will join the network as one its smaller projects in terms of land area – we hope our unique variety of habitats and complementary leadership in regenerative agriculture can add significant value for the network.

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