Job Opportunity - Project Director - Landscape Recovery


We are thrilled to announce that we are recruiting for a Project Director to lead a nationally-significant Landscape Recovery project involving us and other local land managers.

Context – Project Director

North-West Norfolk Coast Project (“NNCP”) is one of the most ambitious UK land-use proposals since the 17th Century draining of The Fens. NNCP is a contiguous, uninterrupted area of over 11,000 hectares adjacent to the UK’s most important estuarine wetland (The Wash). The project has the potential to become one of the most important nature restoration stories globally.

NNCP was recently successful in applying to be one of the Government’s Landscape Recovery Round 2 pilots. The scheme is for landowners and managers who want to take a large-scale approach to producing environmental and climate goods on their land. Having been successful in entering this scheme, NNCP is shortly to begin a funded 2-year Project Development Phase (PDP) and is looking to recruit a Project Director, a high-profile role which will lead the delivery of NNCP.

Wild Ken Hill is one of around 10 landowners involved in NNCP and is leading on this recruitment process on behalf of the project.


How to Apply

A complete version of the Job Description is available at the following: CLICK HERE. This page includes details of how to apply and how to contact us to receive further information about the role.