Introducing our Guided Tours

Guided Tours

We have launched a new set of Guided Tours, giving people the opportunity to visit Wild Ken HIll, to experience nature in a variety forms, and to learn about our approach to rewilding, regenerative farming, and conservation.

We have carefully designed the tours to offer fun, unique, and inclusive experiences. We have a great group of inspiring and experienced guides ready to show our visitors around the beautiful landscape at Wild Ken Hill, pointing out some of the 2,600+ species that we find here, and explaining the work that we do to conserve and enhance their habitats.

The Guided Tours will take place in small groups, and are designed for everyone from small children right up to seasoned experts. In each case, we hope to provide a fun and engaging experience, celebrating the wonderful habitats at Wild Ken Hill and the best of British wildlife.

A selection of the tours on offer

The Big Picture tour explores farmland, woodland, and the new rewilding area, offering visitors a chance to learn about Wild Ken Hill’s overall approach. There is a family version of The Big Picture too – a fun learning journey with lots of interaction, digging for earthworms and finding out more about the micro beasts that live in the leaf litter and decaying trees.

Another popular guided tour will be Rewilding in Practice, which will offer a deeper dive into ‘rewilding’, explaining how Wild Ken Hill is returning land to nature and showcasing the array of benefits that occur when nature is allowed to follow its own course. On this tour visitors are likely to encounter the Exmoor Ponies and Tamworth pigs, discover butterflies, hear birds and learn about the 800+ different types of insects in the area.

The Dawn Chorus tour is a wonderful opportunity to hear and learn about the wide variety of birds that resident or migrate to Wild Ken Hill. This tour begins before sunrise and takes in two hours in Ken Hill woods.

There are 14 different guided tours in total. Other guided tours include Nature By Night, Wader Watch, and one that focuses on Norfolk’s only Beavers and their home at Wild Ken Hill. Visitors can also spend time hunting for Butterflies, or get up close to rare song birds on the Bird Ringing tour.  


The Guided Tours will begin in mid-April and can be booked online from our home page. Unfortunately, we cannot take bookings over the phone or by email.